The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is situated in the centre of Europe, between Belgium, Germany and France. This small country has a land area of 2586 km2 and a population of 503’302 thousands of inhabitants. The Grand Duchy became fully independent in 1867 and today has a political system of a constitutional monarch with a Prime Minister. Luxembourg’s Government has a strong reputation for its efficiency due to a long tradition of cooperation between the two biggest political parties in the interest of social peace and the creation of a business friendly environment. The official languages in the Grand Duchy are Luxembourgish, French and German.

Luxembourg is a full member of all major international institutions and a founding member of the European Union. A number of major European institutions, including the European Investment Bank, the court of Justice of the EU and the

European court of Auditors, have their headquarters in Luxembourg.

Despite its small size, the investment fund center of Luxembourg ranks at the first place in Europe and at the second place in the world.

According to the “EFAMA” – Trends in the European Investment Fund Industry, Luxembourg’s net assets under management at the end of March 2011 were 2.190.896 million €.

The Grand Duchy also has the 1st place in international labour productivity. Luxembourg as a city is one of the safest city in the world according to the “Mercer” – Quality of living global city rankings. Being the world’s safest city provides the securities of attracting international investments in Luxembourg.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has the 2nd highest Gross Domestic Product per capital (GDP) according to the International Monetary fund, published in the “IMD WORLD COMPETITIVENESS YEARBOOK 2011“ in 2010. It holds the

5th place on Logistics Performance Index (World Bank 2010) and 6 th on Quality of Life Index (International Living 2010).