The Luxembourg Financial Center


In today’s world of globalization, it is increasingly important for companies which operate internationally to assess the attractiveness of countries or markets. In this aspect, Luxembourg has much to offer. Comparisons with other countries illustrate its appeal as a place to do business and its excellent performance in many business areas.

The things that make Luxembourg to stand apart is that it combines a number of very different attributes to make it a special place. For example, Luxembourg has a stable political environment with a strong reputation for pro-business legislation and administration.

Accessibility and pro-active involvement of the government with respect to businesses which relocate personnel and operations to Luxembourg, like obtaining a Visa or trading licence.

Luxembourg has an access to a market of over 100 million consumers with a 250 km radius; it has an excellent basic infrastructure and logistical network and a high-performance communication network at a competitive rates, a multilingual workforce speaking at least 2 languages (German and French being the official languages and English is widely spoken); attractive tax legislation and social security system for companies, employers and employees, lowest VAT rates in Europe, sound macroeconomic fundamentals and excellent quality of life.