Authorisation of establishment


Starting your business in Luxembourg/ Authorisation of establishment

Depending on the activities carried out by the company, this latter may need to apply for an authorisation of establishment. There are mainly two state bodies concerned by the procedure: The “Ministère des Classes Moyennes” ( and the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF

No authorisation required

The SOPARFI (link), SPF (Link) and under certain conditions Securitisation Vehicles (lien) are not required to obtain any specific agreement to carry out their activities. A SOPARFI can furthermore provide management services to affiliated undertakings without any prior licence.

Authorisation from the Ministère des Classes Moyennes

Companies willing to carry out any commercial activities should apply for an authorisation from the Ministère des Classes Moyennes.

Must be joined to the application:

Forms can be found on the website of the Ministère des Classes Moyennes

May be required

CSSF authorisation and supervision

The prior approval of the CSSF is required for

Among the documents to submit are :

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